Sleep Disorders

The profound effects that sufficient sleep time, sleep disorders, insomnia, jet-lag, abnormal chronobiology, snoring, sleep apnea, abnormal sleep movement, all potentially have on every aspect of our health is just beginning to be understood.

Disruption in sleep patterns are often multi-faceted, and can expand to more complicated problems of- medication dependency, treatment side effects, emotional deterioration, frustration with medical care if not effectively recognized and treated

It is important to understand the current disruptive pattern within the context of the initial events or triggers, as well as address the complications that have arisen from failed treatments and medications. The impact of these attempts and failures can contribute significantly, and may persist as problematic even after a more normal sleep wake cycle has been established.

The abundance of “information” on the internet, urban myth and lack of detailed research all contribute to many of the misunderstandings that are common with sleep disorders. Recognizing and potentially treating all of the contributing factors is often the most successful approach.

Dr. Robert Shpiner is a Sleep Disorder Specialist that provides expert treatment for sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia and more. His training in sleep has covers 25 years, in both an Academic and Private setting. He is passionate about promoting an Integrated, (East-West) approach individually designed for all areas of sleep problems.

Dr. Shpiner practices sleep medicine in the San Fernando Valley at his Encino office as well as UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. For a new evaluation or a comprehensive second opinion, please call our office at (818) 783-1800 for an appointment.