Internal Medicine

Internal medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Dr. Robert Shpiner believes that the best care is based on initially establishing a broad and detailed “data base”, a complete set of information; before any conclusions are reached. This includes evaluating all previous medical interactions and records, obtaining an extensive personal history and then examining the possible influences on the current problems. Taking the time at the beginning to fully evaluate leads to the most productive outcome.

Dr. Shpiner’s practice of internal medicine is currently open for Adults and Adolescents. Adolescents health concerns are often overlooked, or avoided due to topic discomfort or fear. Issues pertaining to diet, exercise, drug use etc. should be frankly investigated and discussed, rather than acting on assumptions made from word of mouth or from internet sources.

Detailed, thoughtful, and researched based, including an open approach to any useful input: care can then be individualized. Medications and treatments reviewed, “supplements”, “alternative”, “holistic” are discussed with the same objectivity. ALL areas of health are considered with treatment as an integrated whole.

Our hope is to fully establish an accurate and detailed foundation of personal health history, and build from many sources to construct the best treatments possible. Using honesty, frank and open discussion, and the understanding that it is truly a partnership of utmost respect for the doctor-patient relationship. 

Dr. Shpiner is an accomplished Internist that practices Internal Medicine in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. For a new evaluation or a comprehensive second opinion, please call our office at (818) 783-1800 for an appointment.